How to create social stories online

Do you need help writing a social story? Then you have landed in the right place! In the article below you will find everything I have used over the last ten years for creating social stories!

How to create social stories online

Creating Social Stories for Kids Online

Before you sit down to write I would highly suggest you pop over and read the guidelines for writing a social story. It breaks down everything that you need to know before you start writing your social story and lays out the social story formula in an easy to follow cheat sheet!

Social Story Apps

Social Story Creator & LibrarySocial Story Creator & Library

Social Story Creator & Library

Social story maker is an amazing app for easily creating, sharing and printing educational social stories, visual schedules, and beautiful memories.

iOS: Free with In App Purchases

Stories About MeStories About Me

Stories About Me

Stories About Me allows parents and teachers to create their own social stories for their children and students.

iOS: $3.99

My Pictures Talk - Video ModelingMy Pictures Talk – Video Modeling

My Pictures Talk – Video Modeling

My Pictures Talk helps you catalog, share, remember, and can teach skills to those with autism or developmental delays.

iOS: $2.99

Social Stories plugin for TFASocial Stories plugin for TFA

Social Stories plugin for TFA

One of the ONLY social story apps available on Android. This app does require Tools for Autism to be installed.

Android: Free



S2L offers parents and educators the ability to create personalized stories using photos, text, and audio messages.

iOs: $13.99

Social Stories Websites



ConnectAbility is a fantastic website to make social stories on the go. Simply select your social story template and go! No downloads are necessary to use.
Visit ConnectAbility here.
Price: Free



Boardmaker was one of the first and most well-known social story applications created. Boardmaker lets you create talking books, behavior supports, schedules, rewards charts and much more.
Visit Boardmaker here.
Price: $399-799



LessonPix is an easy-to-use online resource that allows users to create various customized learning materials.
Visit LessonPix here.
Price: $36 annually

Social Comic Strips

Comic Strip Conversations are a social teaching tool to visually outline a conversation between two or more people who may be discussing the past, describing the present or planning for the future.

These templates are one of our favorite social story tools. We have a packet of 15 blank social comic strips templates available in our shop for only $1.
Social Comic Strip Template

Where to Find Social Story Pictures

Every time the subject of creating social stories comes up, I always get asked – where can you find pictures for social stories?. The good news is that finding photos for social stories is extremely easy!

One of my favorite ways to get pictures for our stories is to pull out our camera and snap some! Taking photos of the child’s environment is an excellent way to help your Autistic child relate to their story!

Another option is to grab some stock photos. If you go this route, please do not use Google Photos, Flickr, or Pinterest. There are hundreds of tools out there where the photographers have released their photos to public domain. Some of my favorites are:

Y’all that list could go on and on. To find more simply Google “Free Stock Photos” or “Public Domain Photos”. You will find a ton.

If you want to use more PECS style or clip-art one of my favorite resources is Teachers Pay Teachers. They have a huge section of clipart available and quite a bit for free. Some of our favorite places to find free PECS style clips are:

Sample Social Stories

One of my favorite resources for social story samples is Carol Gray’s book The New Social Story Book. If it isn’t already on your bookshelf, it needs to be! That book is 100% worth it’s value when it comes to everything social story.

Free Examples of Social Stories

But we all need free examples here and there right? If you are looking for free social story examples head over to The Social Story Sampler. All of the examples over there are pure gold.

Social Story Template to Download

Want to snag some freebies? Click on one of the share buttons in the box below to snag the social comic strip templates for free.

p.s head over to How to Write a Social Story for another great social story template freebie 😉


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